Two player racing games

This is a special genre which surely commend to so-called “the sterner sex”. Boys can have there a lot of fun and feel some kind of healthy contest. You can find there passionating 2 player games, which have got all what racing fans want to! Take part in many different races. Get in your car or take your motorcycle and go ahead as quickly as you can across the narrow town streets or on off-road tracks through the forest and quags. Balance on your iron pony avoiding many obstacles. Show your driving skills and try to reach the finishing line in one piece always as first. Good luck and have a lot of fun!

Racing games for 2 players show you how to vie on many different tracks. You can take part in one race together, in the same time and check which one of you is faster. Share your result and try to shave your records. Racing in two players mode let you patch up who is the better driver!