Something does not work properly? Do you want to make sure at some point? Below are some frequently asked questions and given answers. Before you write, please - check to see if your problem has been solved.

1. Why my game doesn't load?

Ask your friends – do they have the same problem? If it's only in your case try to take actions, which we recounted below.

You need to install correct plug-in's. Flash games need Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave games need Adobe Shockwave Player, Unity need Unity plug-in and Java games need Applet Java. Check whether you have these plug-ins installed in your browser. If not - you can download them unpaid from producer's sites. Usually your browser touch you on when specific plug-in is needed. Call attention to it! We assure that these extras are proven and safe for your PC.

Update your Internet browser. The newest games sometimes cannot be displayed in out of date versions. If it not works try to play using another browser.

Wait. Part of games need a few minutes to load. Don't mean about empty/black screen during several seconds. Lag time can be result of slow connection with Internet or bigger game size.

Contact with us if you tire out all of those options and you still can't solve the problem with launch the game. Together we can find the solution.

2. Why I can't add a comment/rate game?

Adding comments and rating games is possible only when you create Friendship Account on our site. If you want to do it - select due blank.

3. How to create an account?

On our site you can create two types of account. First is a classic account – fill the right blank and register on the service. It takes about a minute – check how easy it is! Enter your e-mail address and a password. Next wait a few minutes for our message. Click on a activating link from your e-mail box and start playing on our site.

You can also create Friendship Account. Proceed looks almost the same. You need your friend and his e-mail address – enter them into the blank and choose joint password. Now you can play on this account together!

4. Can I create account and use it for free?

Yes. It is free now and will always be free.

5. How to activate my account?

When you finish registration proceed we will send to your e-mail box message with activation link. Click it to activate your account on our site.

If you don't get e-mail - read informations from "I didn't get activation link. What's now?"

6. I didn't get activation link. What's now?

Sometimes is going to happen that activation link come to your e-mail box with delay. You can start worry about it around half an hour after registration. Deliver time may be different and conditional upon the service where you have your e-mail box.

Check whether our message is not in Spam bookmark. Sometimes it can be in there.

If you have wait and activation link didn't come there is last option: send it to your e-mail box again. If you click on the right link – we will send you new one verification code. If it not works contact with us, we will try to activate your account manually.

7. I forgot my password. What's now?

Don't worry, we foresee this situation. Admittedly we can't send you your password, but a new one. Fill the blank form from “Forgot password” link, and we'll send to your e-mail box temporary password generated automatically. Remember to open this message and change a password to your own. It should be hard for the others and easy to remember to you.

8. Page is not loading correctly. What's now?

Service has made for the most popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera). Use one of them – then everything should be all right. Remember about updating your browser.

Moreover to screen part of elements on or site you need to activate JavaScript support.

9. Do the new games will be added?

Yes, service content will be updated regularly.

10. Error on the page / service is not working. Can I report it?

Yes, we will be very pleased if you report it using Contact section on our service. If page is not working you can contact with us by the Facebook page.

11. Can I help to extend

If you have interesting ideas how to extend our service – you can send them by blank form on our site or private messages on Facebook page. It surely be really helpful in creating our site.

Moreover you should tell your friends about nice time during playing our games and invite them to have a lot of fun together on Friendship Account.

Two player games

This is your new virtual entertainment center with games for two players! Invite a buddy or a friend to play with. Here you can find hundreds of interesting and addictive suggestions of 2 players games! Look through ten thematic categories, and three completely unique: Play with Child, Play with a friend and Play with a buddy! You have the opportunity to check our 2 players games in the classics genre from the NES / Pegasus, because we laid on it too! It's a great way to spend time, such as during school breaks or while you waiting for informatics lessons. For sure you will not find a moment to be bored! Enjoy!

Content of service is updated regularly! Don't forget to test new games for two players! Once a week, you can see the new propositions, which we liked the most, and they are displayed on the main page. Have fun and meet new friends while playing two player games!