Two player fighting games

Fighting games it's one of the most interesting categories. Any of the games are as perfect adjusted to vie with your friend. Now you can take part in many different brawls against big and weighty opponents – it's really crazy! It doesn't matter that your opponent is only a school mate, have 150 centimetres of height, have got freckles and that he is really thin. Now during the game for two players you both can feel like giants of ring. It's enough that you choose one of our propositions and take part in this big tournament! It's really good way to resolve a conflict, isn't it?

Play with your friend on your own PC and check who is better in kicking, punching and dodging. Take part in many street fights, boxing face-off's and wars with evil. Feel like master in The King Of Fighters or try to train Brazilian martial art and dance called capoeira in Capoeira Fighter!